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What I will now be doing on a Friday night

Facebook Places ImageI’m all about some social media geolocation tagging. I think Foursquare is good, just not relevant to me or my city. CarlSays is a great idea too if it ever catches on. But, Facebook places should be disabled. When, now! Here’s a short list of reasons why.

1. Others can check you in. In my case, I could be home alone on a Friday night watching Friday Night Lights with my roommate (this is a joke) and my buddy Bill Bivy could be at a dance club and check me in. Now, that might be cool for some, but not if you are an extremely talented dancer like I am who has a very jealous girlfriend. Not cool.

2. Others don’t even have to be at the location to check you in. Oh, now I have a better suggestion for something to do on a Friday night, stay home and check your friends in at sketchy places or the honky tonks of downtown Nashville.

Brilliant Facebook. Thanks for the entertainment.  My Friday nights are now booked for the next two months.

If you do want to disable your Facebook places and ensure that my Friday nights are a little less entertaining , just follow these directions from our friends at LifeHacker.